Surveillent Managed Cybersecurity

Cloud Directory

Cloud Directory Services

The power to protect your Users, Devices, Applications, and Data

Cloud Directory

Identity Management

Directory Integrations

Group Management

Single Sign On

Cloud LDAP

Cloud Radius

SAML 2.0 & SCIM Provisioning

Phishing Protection

Device Management

Windows, Linux, MacOS

Zero Trust


Secure Email


Directory Events

Device Telemetry

Compliance Reporting

Social Media Account Protection


Mobile Push MFA



Why Cloud Directory

Secure your clicks, Secure your business reputation

Manage Compliance Across All Users and Devices

Push policies, monitor compliance, and streamline audits across your IT environment from one centralized platform.

Remote Work

Connect remote users to virtually any resource and configure and secure their remote devices with the JumpCloud Directory Platform

Replace AD

Replace Microsoft Active Directory with all-in-one access control and device management in the cloud, securely connecting your users to virtually all of their IT resources with a single identity and zero on-premises hardware

Zero Trust Security

Implement a Zero Trust security model to secure user access to devices, applications, files, networks, and other resources from a single cloud directory platform.